Quality Bespoke: Garden Sheds + Outbuildings + Summerhouses
All Made to YOUR individual requirements & specifications using top quality materials

Here at SHEDS 4 U in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire we have vast experience of working with timber and take the greatest pride in the quality of our products.

Everything we build, whether it be a standard or bespoke product, is manufactured on-site to order, and to the same high standards.

We enjoy making anything from timber and we have a full range of standard designs with standard dimensions, but what we really have a passion for is bespoke designs brought to us by our customers.

We love our customers to bring us really challenging designs to stretch our minds as well as our hands.

The only real limit to what we can make is the imagination of our customers...

Why not browse our website to see what we're about, but remember... What you see are just samples of our work and some prices for standard designs.

It's up to you to challenge us to create something unique for you!